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Body Sync Group Pty Ltd (BSG) is a small Australian company with several businesses and brands. Originally founded in Brisbane, BSG relocated to Rockhampton in 2010 where it remains to the present day.

It has had or currently has interests in health and beauty, fitness and sport, cycling, marketing, signwriting, graphic design, websites and SEO, virtual reality, gaming content, and AI.

If you would like to know more about our history and specialised services, you can view the timeline below.

Please direct all communications through Reef Studios. Thank you.

Body Sync Group Pty Ltd,
Unit 2, 250 Musgrave Street,
BERSERKER 4701, QLD, Australia
Phone: +61 7 4926 7778

Body Sync Group Timeline

The company remains based in Rockhampton, and well into its second decade, is still going strong. Over the coming half decade, we envisage the business focus continuing to steer heavily towards digital services.

The original Body Sync brand still features prominently in Reef's marketing as a sentimental nod to history, and naturally, as the name of this, its parent company.

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